We bring people into an ever-inventive world where stories and creativity lead to unpredictable places. Where messy beginnings become masterpieces. Where you learn to love the limitations.

Get your business in Story Mode.

Story Mode brings storytelling and creativity into the workplace, right where they belong. Whether we’re advising individuals, coaching whole teams, or captivating a crowd, we guide business people to think, speak, write, persuade, and engage in innovative conversations.

Here’s what people say about being in Story Mode:

My creative muscles just had a sweaty, quivering workout.

Today’s workshop was eye-opening, challenging and informative. I really enjoyed it (even without my laptop!).

This workshop made me uncomfortable in a positive way; I will return to work re-energized.

The creative refresher I needed to wrestle my mojo back from majorly boring corporate land.

I found the storytelling session so provocative, thoughtful, and entertaining that my brain literally hurt.

Today’s workshop was enlightening. It completely changed the way I want to approach content creation.

Encouraging, inspiring, actionable, fun. Today made me realize that it’s worth fighting for good stories.

An interactive workshop designed to exercise the creative muscle and elevate story telling capabilities. Yay!

I feel creatively renewed—like putting an oxygen mask on. I can’t wait to write.

I learned to write and think about the process in ways I never have before today.

I learned a lot about the art of storytelling. It’s all in the emotions and details.

Tired of sitting through or delivering the same old boring presentations? Stop recycling. Start storytelling!

The session was quite powerful. I will be using what I leaerned for future presentations.

Today was eye-opening on how often our communication is ineffective. I will write differently!

This was by far the most interesting and exciting class I have ever been in.

The class was very interactive and kept me engaged by forcing us to practice what we are learning.

Thank you for creating an open environment that felt safe to explore/express new ideas.

I’m leaving this class knowing I have the confidence to create simple and concise messages.

Entertaining class with good energy. Very informative, with topics that can be used and implemented immediately.

Embrace the awkward; you will survive. You may even learn something new worth trying out.

Today’s session was inspiring and motivating. You provided excellent, practical tips.

There’s hope for business writing, and we can offer something honest and real to clients.

The workshop was a fun experience; challenging standard thinking and providing many thoughtful tools. #WriteNoCRAP

Please come back and present to our leaders!

Very interesting workshop that I would recommend to other businesses with writing needs. Thank you!

Curious? Start a conversation here and now:

We won’t teach you how to write a sentence.

We will show you how to craft a story. With our eyes squarely on the audience, we emphasize emotion, because customers and colleagues have feelings too; craft, because quality and consistency matter; physicality, because our bodies tell stories; and action, because business is about building relationships and creating conversations.

Story Mode is online!

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Think you don’t have time to play at work? Think again.

No idea is a bad idea when you’re just finding the story. Our Creativity Labs teach strategies and games to keep you experimenting, surprising, and pushing further.

When you’re on your feet and firing on all cylinders, everything is possible.

Will a story close a deal?

We believe in the Power of 39 to go beyond easy, get past the obvious, and find the story that sells.

All of our workshops, courses, and labs leave you with practical tools and strategies to flex your creative muscles for the long haul. In fact, the more you learn from us, the more you can share throughout your organization.

We are living in in a virtual world.

Can’t get the gang together in person right now? No need. Let us produce a Story Mode webshop for your team.
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Facts and figures make you look smart. Naw, just kidding.

If you want to persuade, tell a story. No one gets emotional about how much the pail weighs. They care why and how Jack and Jill went up that hill.

Writing by committee sucks … or does it?

Experience the Writers Room, where individuals find creative strength in numbers. We’ll teach your team to pitch, play, share, and develop new concepts. In no time, your idea stream will feel like a cookie jar that constantly refills itself.

What will it take to get YOUR team in Story Mode?

Who’s in Story Mode?

Story Mode is a co-production of StoryStudio Chicago and Spencer Grace.

Founders Beth and Jill (affectionately known as “Bill” to some clients) are long-time friends and collaborators whose creative chemistry just, well … works.

Beth Nyland
Corporate Poet & Cutter of C.R.A.P.

Beth refuses bland and boring. She guides individuals and organizations to string words into stories that motivate people to think, believe, and take action. That’s how business gets done.

Beth is a communicator, leader, advisor, teacher, illustrator, and founder of Spencer Grace. With extensive experience in corporate communication and change management, she gets results through creativity, good questions, and active listening.

She’s also a daily practice junkie who takes on insane creative challenges, like writing a poem or drawing a picture every day for a year.

Jill Pollack
Chief Story Wrangler

A dramatic arts-trained refugee from the corporate world, Jill created StoryStudio Chicago—a creative writing school—in 2003, and began developing new approaches to teach storytelling for business, for the page, for the screen, and for changing technology. Her credo? Don’t Be Boring.

As Chief Story Wrangler at Story Mode, Jill spends her time chasing down the best stories … and making them better.

But telling a great story isn’t enough for Jill; she has to throw some neuroscience into the mix. Art + Science = the answer to just about anything.

Get in Story Mode with us. Reach out now to find out how.