Get your team in Story Mode …

… where teams, individuals, and whole organizations develop the creative confidence and story-crafting capability to get results.

We guide each person to discover their own best process for finding and telling the right story every time, in any medium, for any audience.

What IS Story Mode?

Story Mode is creative turducken for the workplace. It’s learning wrapped up in doing wrapped up in culture change.

Story Mode is an ever-inventive world where stories and creativity lead to unpredictable places. Where messy beginnings become masterpieces. Where you learn to love the limitations.

We design and deliver inspiring programs that send positive waves through your culture, bringing people together and expanding their skills.

By focusing on storytelling and improv, we guide people to think, write, present, persuade, and engage in innovative conversations. We emphasize:

  • emotion, because colleagues and clients have feelings too
  • craft, because quality and consistency matter
  • physicality, because our bodies tell stories
  • action, because sharing a message is about building relationships and creating conversations

And, we keep our eyes squarely on the audience.

We teach storytelling and creative strategies.

You use them, your way.

People give #RaveReviews for Story Mode.

Imagine being this pumped about communicating at work!

You don’t need to learn to write a sentence.

You need to learn to tell a persuasive, captivating, successful story.

And by “you,” we mean you, your team, your up-and-coming leaders, or your whole freaking company. From interns to executives, newbies to seasoned pros, everyone can learn to amp up their storytelling superpowers. No matter who’s in the room (virtual or otherwise), we’ll fit and flex the Story Mode program to level up their communication skills and creative confidence.


Want to fire up your team’s creative superpowers?

Get them in Story Mode.

Whether writing, presenting, selling, teaching or simply engaging in conversation, everyone can develop the skills and confidence to use their voice as part of your story team.


Gotta go solo? To fill a skill gap, tackle a project, or prep for that next big move?

Bring in a Story Whisperer.

Working 1:1, we offer an objective point of view on new and better ways to tell a story, share a message, or connect with an audience.


Imagine your entire organization pulsing with the powers of creative collaboration.

That’s what it means to be in Story Mode.

Our presence and processes send positive waves through your culture, bringing people together and expanding their skills. As everyone gains the confidence and capability to craft strong stories, ingenuity becomes second nature.

Think you don’t have time for storytelling and creativity?

Think again.

Story Mode won’t take you away from work; we insist that you dig into it. We approach every engagement as an opportunity to have serious fun while getting sh*t done.

  • Coming to a workshop or Story Whisperer coaching session? Bring a project from your own to-do list. You’ll use our tools and techniques to make serious headway on a message, presentation, or campaign.
  • Need to rally a team around a project or pitch? Let’s organize a Writers Room or Creativity Lab. You’ll be team-building and progress-making all at once.

Story Mode is productive and practical. We promise.

You can even set the schedule.

Your calendar is jammed, and the thought of one more virtual meeting makes you want to … well, let’s not go there. That’s okay. You can get in Story Mode all alone, wherever and whenever you like. Enroll in our online school. Start with the foundational Business Writing FUNdamentals, and watch for more topics and courses coming soon.

We are living in a virtual world.

Can't get together in person?

No need. Let us produce a Story Mode webshop for your team.
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