Project Description

Let go of corporate jargon and say what you really mean

Clear. Simple. No nonsense. That’s how we communicate in Story Mode. Why? Because we write to make things happen: to motivate action, inspire thought, and influence change.

To get that kind of response from an audience, you’ve got to speak their language.

Since corporate-ese is no one’s mother tongue, you may need to do some translating.

In this engaging, sometimes laugh-out-loud session, you will learn how to obliterate Corporate Rhetoric And Pomposity (C.R.A.P.). and discover what it takes to be a plainspoken voice of reason for your business. You will:

  • Commiserate over hilariously complicated messages—some made up, some sadly true
  • Study and imitate some of the best models for clarity and brevity
  • Identify words that probably don’t belong in your audience-focused vocabulary
  • Translate complex messages into simple ones (and vice versa, just for fun)
  • Gain the confidence to speak in sentences that even your 80-year-old auntie will understand