Project Description

This is not the way you’ve always done it

In a Story Mode Creativity Lab, there are no slides, no lectures, no “but this is the way we’ve always done it.”

You choose a project or message, and we’ll wrestle it together, using everyone’s creativity to inspire a story and invigorate an audience.

Our Creativity Labs are custom-made using design thinking, storytelling, and the freedom to embrace the silly in order to make a break-through.

We’re not above using fortune cookies, off-the-wall games, or magazine ads to coax a roomful of businesspeople to open their imaginations the way children do so easily.

While Creativity Labs are incredibly fun, they have serious purpose. Our exercises are designed to build upon one another until the group reaches your intended objective—whether that’s developing a new training program, building a vision for the future, defining a “verbal identity,” or some other specific, targeted goal that matters to your team.

While moving toward your intended outcome, your people will experience the energy that results from a roomful of super-charged brains, and walk out with ideas to use.

Creativity Labs are full-day sessions, best delivered in person. Group size varies, up to 50 participants.

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