Project Description

Change your email culture

In the rush of a business day, do you slap a few words on the page and press send (or the dreaded “reply to all”), hoping spell-check protects you from embarrassment?

Or do you strategically compose your thoughts into meaningful messages, targeting the specific human beings who need to take action?

For many organizations, email is the most-used workplace communication channel. Yet most people aren’t trained to use it.

Change that by joining this virtual workshop. In Email Magic, you’ll learn practical strategies for writing effective email messages. With a little attention to the words you choose and a few (almost magic) tricks, you can write short, clear messages that get read—and get results.

This isn’t about commas and semicolons; it’s about communicating the right message the right way.

You will learn how to: 

  • Start smart by asking the right questions before you press a single letter on that keyboard
  • Get results by using our 4-point formula for writing solid calls to action
  • Appeal to skimmers who don’t really “read” but scan for details that matter
  • Play to your strengths, whether you’re a messy, creative type or the logical, orderly sort