Project Description

Creative storytelling techniques to use at work

Want to set your business and its messages apart? Whether you’re reaching out by email, social media, or stone tablet, you need to tell a story that will capture and keep attention. Better yet, you want that story to result in action.

If you’re ready to unlock your creative spirit, #RefuseToBeBoring, and craft business stories that break through to today’s time-pressed, distracted audiences, then this is the webshop for you.

In this virtual workshop, you will see how storytelling does more than just send a message; great stories cut through the clutter, appeal to audience emotions, and motivate people to act. You’ll discover inventive ways to find and share your business story.

And get this: through a series of exercises—borrowing techniques from creative writing, innovation, and improvisation—you’ll actually make headway on a story of your own. Bring the seed of an idea and use your creativity to make it grow!

You will learn how to:

  • Jump-start your creativity with original brainstorming games
  • Silence your inner critic and write freely
  • Write more concise, captivating messages
  • Invite truly useful feedback from another set of eyes and ears