Project Description

Actually be amazing when you’re virtually presenting

Our lives are unfolding in virtual conference rooms.

Your colleagues, customers, and collaborators are all over the world. Or maybe just across town—so close and yet so far due to social distancing. Regardless, your get-togethers are taking place in cyberspace.

To get things done in these e-meetings, you have to get your point across without losing an audience you can only engage through a screen. This virtual webshop will show you how.

Join Story Mode to learn strategies and techniques that will prepare you to win the virtual room.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Focus your message and your attention
  • Show what needs to be seen—no more, no less
  • Command attention with your voice and your body
  • Engage your audience. Move them to think and do
  • Master the technology, so you look and sound like a pro
  • Practice, practice. And then practice some more