Project Description

Writing by committee sucks … or does it?

Experience the Writers Room, where individuals find creative strength in numbers. We’ll teach your team to pitch, play, share, and develop new concepts. In no time, your idea stream will feel like a cookie jar that constantly refills itself.

Story Mode Writers Rooms are work sessions where each participant brings a project-in-progress for group rethinking, redesigning, and “holy-cow-that-gives-me-an-even-better-idea”-ing. They’re focused, productive, helpful workshops where people get sh*t done.

Just like story-building, the art of giving and getting feedback takes practice. In the Writers Room, people get to sharpen their editing and feedback skills.

This is nothing like routing a document around with “track changes” enabled.

A Writers Room is a constructive, face-to-face conversation where people co-create great stories, discover one another’s superpowers, and build trust as a team.

You rally your crew (the ideal group is 4 to 8 people collaborating for 2 to 3 hours) and pick the projects or problems to solve—usually pressing priorities from the immediate to-do list.

The best part: everyone walks out with a better story to keep their projects moving forward.

Gather Your Team for a Writers Room