What’s a webshop?

It’s our word for a long-distance experience that is not like all the rest. Elsewhere, you might get a webinar: a snooze-fest of one-sided lecture that begs you to multi-task your way to the blessed moment when the speaker signs off. That is NOT the Story Mode way. Our virtual sessions are productive, engaging, and absolutely not boring.

Never passive. Always active.

Just like good strong writing, our webshops are active, not passive. You won’t just be listening. You’ll be doing.

Here are four of our most popular webshops:

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creative storytelling techniques to use at work

Tell a Persuasive Business Story

If you’re ready to unlock your creative spirit, #RefuseToBeBoring, and craft business stories that break through to today’s time-pressed, distracted audiences, then this is the webshop for you.

actually be amazing when you’re virtually presenting

Win the (Virtual) Room

To get things done in virtual meetings, you have to get your point across without losing an audience you can only engage through a screen. This webshop will show you how.

let go of corporate jargon and say what you mean

Cut the C.R.A.P.

To get a positive response from your audience, you’ve got to speak their language. And since corporate-ese is no one’s mother tongue, you may need to do some translating.

change your email culture

Work Your Email Magic

For many organizations, email is the most-used workplace communication channel. Yet most people aren’t trained to use it. This webshop is here to change that.


Yes, and …

Once your team is in Story Mode, you’ll want to keep them there.

Beyond the webshops and workshops that make up our core program, Story Mode works with clients in other ways to build confidence, creativity, and storytelling skills. By pushing up our sleeves and digging into pressing projects with individuals, small groups, and entire teams, we take Story Mode from “that workshop we did that one day” to the way you think, create, and communicate every day.

Here’s what creative reinforcement looks like:

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writing by committee doesn't have to suck

Writers Rooms

With confident leadership, a strong grasp on audience and objective, and honest participation from everyone, you can get great results “writing by committee.”

personalized instruction from an expert communicator

Story Whisperer Coaching

When you need 1:1 attention to develop a particular communication skill or get expert advice and direction on a project, this is the answer.

seriously innovative and incredibly fun

Creativity Labs

Experience the energy that results from a roomful of super-charged brains, and walk out with ideas you can use.

extra brainpower, mentoring, and support

Creative Advisory Services

Story Mode can support you in adopting a story—and a story culture—that will reach and inspire customers, team members, and colleagues throughout your organization.


Want something else?

Tell us! We’d be stoked to invent something just for your team.

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