Story Mode

(a mindset)

1. a way of thinking about business communication

2. a refusal to be boring

Are you putting storytelling and creativity to work?

Focus. Speed. Influence.

They're all essential for anyone who communicates at work.
And who doesn't?!

No matter what your business or what you need to communicate, you have to cut through the noise to get your audience's attention. The answer? A well-told story and a creative approach.

Get beyond the "the way we've always done it" and supercharge your business with the skills and power to meet any communication challenge—great or small.

That's what it means to be in Story Mode!

How will YOU get in Story Mode?

Learning. Team building. Productivity. All at once. Watch your team come alive by connecting creative techniques with real-life challenges.


Change the way you think, improve the way you work. We’ll guide you to adopt a story—and story culture—to reach and inspire any target audience.

"The creative refresher I needed to wrestle my mojo back from majorly boring corporate land."
Content Marketer
Content Jam

Join thousands of people worldwide
in growing skills and confidence the Story Mode way:



Live + Online

Story Mode is known for combining the persuasive elements of storytelling with the demanding realities of business communication.

  • No theory, just real progress on real work
  • Story powers move hearts and minds and stir them to action
  • Focused feedback that delivers ideas and improvement (not nitpicks and wordsmithing based on personal preference)
  • Audience first, always

We build an experience tailored to your team.

"I feel creatively energized—like putting an oxygen mask on. I can't wait to write."
Communications Leader
University of Virginia

Bust through fears and bring on the fun!

Story Mode is a co-production of two lifelong story-makers who #RefuseToBeBoring. Clients and students applaud Jill and Beth’s: 

  • Energetic, positive, and engaging teaching style
  • Deep experience and know-how in virtually every form of business communication
  • Productive and pragmatic emphasis on learning by doing
"Jill and Beth complement each other like wine and cheese."
Innovation Lead

Hey, John Deere dealers, this one's for you!

Ready to get everyone in your dealership feeling comfortable and confident talking with customers and colleagues? Enroll a location, department, or your full team in our Precision Communication program, designed exclusively for you and the communication challenges your people face every day.

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