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No joke: serious questions for smart storytellers

By |2020-02-16T17:20:31+00:00January 29, 2020|Categories: Presenting, Storytelling|

Ann, Barb, and Chuck walk into a meeting room. Sounds like the start of a joke, right? Actually, it’s the start of a storytelling project. These three managers have been designated “storytellers” for an event their company is hosting next month. A crowd of their peers will come from around the world, pour into a massive [...]

Get unstuck: 10 ways to banish writer’s block

By |2020-01-24T23:19:28+00:00January 24, 2020|Categories: Creativity, Writing|

A note from Beth: I first published this advice on the Spencer Grace website and LinkedIn, way back in May 2015. Though I do sometimes change my tune, this remains one of my loudest anthems. If you're tired of singing the sad song of writer's block, try these 10 ideas instead. You have something to write. A [...]

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