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Words to say & stifle: a cheat sheet for workplace conversations

By |2020-08-30T15:57:52+00:00August 31, 2020|Categories: Everyday Communication|

Things are a mess right now. I’ll spare you a detailed description of “these challenging times” and instead offer a litany of key words so your creative brain can fill in the blanks: division, unrest, virus, politics, restrictions, distance ... But wait, there’s more. In the midst of everything, you’re trying to do good work. Or [...]

What’s a Meta For?

By |2020-08-30T15:42:02+00:00August 28, 2020|Categories: Everyday Communication, Storytelling|

Who doesn’t love a good metaphor or simile? They may not be as fun as a barrel of monkeys and perhaps you find them dull as dishwater. Now because time is money...I’ll move on. (See what I did there?) We talk about these two language tools all the time with our Story Mode community. But one student [...]

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