Month: December 2020

Make this your mantra

Back in olden times, when gyms were open and we could sweat together in person, I was a regular at my local Y,  showing up most days of the week for some kind of group fitness class. As much as possible, I opt in to workouts that challenge not just

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What Can You Do Right Now?

“Randy, you’ll be in the loading dock. Sue, you’ll be a shopper.” Everyone gets up to start work and then it’s just Katie and me. She’s looking a bit frazzled, in a good way. In that way when you are doing 10 things at once and making progress at all

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How Does That Make You Feel?

Raise your hand if you’ve been in therapy. Thank you, everyone. Put your hands down now. Like many of you, I am no stranger to psychotherapy and owe my life to some amazing therapists. However, their insistence on talking about emotions makes me crazy. I am much more the cerebral

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