Month: November 2022

Happy Holidog: Always Changing, Always Staying the Same

Each holiday, my wife puts out HoliDog. This cute little bit of fluff gets gussied up depending on the holiday. Last month it was a pumpkin for Halloween. This month it will get a Santa’s hat and a red bowtie. You know you’re at our house when HoliDog greets you at

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Eliminate acronyms from your vocabulary (except the ones I invented)

So much workplace communication is just crap. Big words trying to sound smart and important. Vague words trying to obscure the specifics. Jargon trying to belong with the insiders’ club. And OMG the acronyms. Several years ago, I invented an acronym to illustrate just how senseless and confusing the vocabulary

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Smile! You’re On Camera

Video. When I watch myself in a video it’s sort of an out-of-body experience; is that really me on the screen? Do I look like that? Why do I keep doing that weird thing with my eyebrows? We are forever critical of ourselves and our presentation to the public. So

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