Month: June 2023

Work like an artist on your business content

Earlier this month on a cold rainy Sunday, my husband and I were out “glamping.” Our RV is well-stocked with diversions to keep us occupied on just such a day. I read for awhile, took a short nap, then pulled out a bulging box of art supplies to try my

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paper clips attached to circle keyring

Love Affairs Come and Go. A Good App is Forever

You might call me a serial dater. I fall in love quickly, get bored or flummoxed, then off to the next one I go. Love affairs happen in all aspects of life and here, it’s software I’m thinking about. There are so many apps and so little time to figure

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keyboard with Yes No keys

What Do You Say “Yes” To?

Are you the type of person who says Yes? The other week I was listening to extemporaneous speeches given by our students in a leadership development program. We’ve been working with them on storytelling and presenting skills. Their charge on this morning was to randomly pick a card that had

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