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Your slides don’t have to suck

By |2023-08-30T18:01:29+00:00August 30, 2023|Categories: Presenting, Visual Communication|

I hate PowerPoint. More accurately, I hate the materials so many people produce with PowerPoint. Most slide decks are dumping grounds for all that’s known on a subject. They’re encyclopedias of facts, figures, and far too much info. Newsflash: A dumping ground does not inspire understanding, belief, or collaboration. And an encyclopedia is not a favored [...]

Is Storytelling now C.R.A.P.?

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Is my life’s pursuit of great storytelling now defunct, cast into the bin of “that used to be a good idea?” I ask this because the word Storytelling is now everywhere, used for all kinds of reasons, and thus makes me ask: has the word lost its meaning like so many other C.R.A.P. words out there? (Keep reading [...]