About Jill Pollack

A dramatic arts-trained refugee from the corporate world, Jill created StoryStudio Chicago—a creative writing school—in 2003, and began developing new approaches to teach storytelling for business, for the page, for the screen, and for changing technology. Her credo? Don’t Be Boring. As Chief Story Wrangler at Story Mode, Jill spends her time chasing down the best stories … and making them better. But telling a great story isn’t enough for Jill; she has to throw some neuroscience into the mix. Art + Science = the answer to just about anything.

It’s getting started, not crossing the finish line

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Why would you write something if there wasn’t a need for it? If you write mostly for work, it’s a fair question. Yet, we do all kinds of things for which there isn’t a “need.” Some of you bake bread even though you can buy it at the store. Or maybe you put together miniature airplanes [...]

It’s the Commas That Terrify Me

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Semicolons aren’t so bad. But that whole don’t end a sentence with a preposition really gets me, sort of. And what exactly is a run-on sentence if I have a lot to say and it all comes pouring out and I throw a few commas in there won’t my reader understand what I’m trying to say? [...]

Productivity vs Workflow; Why do I feel like a failure?

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“Some words have a meaning to them that we don’t often think about but yet still affects us, which has applications to persuasion, social influence and bias in our judgments and decisions,” said David J Hauser, social psychologist. The power of words is undeniable. Choose the wrong one and instead of motivating your team to go [...]

Are you a Planner or a Pantser? Which is the Right Approach for Writers?

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This is an age-old difference of opinion in the world of creative writing: To outline before writing or to just start writing and trust the process. Many people say it’s a waste of time to start writing without knowing where you’re going. These folks are Planners who make outlines and bullet point lists. They like to [...]

Do You Write Out Loud?

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I’m not the type who mutters to herself. There is already so much conversation in my head that I have no need to actually verbalize any of it out loud. And yet, I do work out problems or challenges in my mind before I take action. Do you mutter? Are you one of those people who [...]

Is It Stealing If……?

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We once worked with a real estate agent who said to us, "buyers are liars." She explained that we’ll tell her we absolutely need to have a two-story front porch, a finished basement, and a separate laundry room in our next house when in fact, the home we’ll end up purchasing will have none of those [...]