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I Made A Mistake

It was a “hit send too fast” email. And it wasn’t even a huge mistake, more like a silly “I wasn’t paying close enough attention” kind of mistake. Which is of course exactly what happened.I have been obsessing over it for a day and feel the need to explain myself

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What’s On Your Skip List?

It’s the start of a new year and for the past few months we have been inundated with Best Of lists, especially books, music, and movies that are not to be missed. Where is the list of books I should miss? How do we know what reading and activities we

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A new auld lang syne

As I write this, I’m on holiday break from “real” business communication. But I never take a break from sharing a monthly blog post. To have a little fun while honoring my self-imposed publishing schedule, I’m finishing 2023 with a semi-autobiographical poem inspired by a song I can’t get out

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Write What You Want To Know

Questions come in all sizes. There’s the age-old: where did I put my keys? The hometown fav: are you really going to wear that? And the esoteric: who would I be if I could be anyone? I’ve been pondering questions and how, as a writer, I can use them to my advantage.  Are questions good

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Why Can’t I Focu…SQUIRREL!

I am a writer who has earned her living writing and teaching storytelling for many many years, so you would think I would be a whiz at getting my work done. Work being, writing. Sigh. I so envy those creators who can sit at their desk, tune out the world,

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What it means to be a writer: Pay Yourself First

While you couldn’t say my father was on the quiet side, he wasn’t the type to make small talk about the weather. Instead, he spoke when he had something to say. Although, he did have a few “somethings” that he like to repeat, over and over through the years, his

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Work like an artist on your business content

Earlier this month on a cold rainy Sunday, my husband and I were out “glamping.” Our RV is well-stocked with diversions to keep us occupied on just such a day. I read for awhile, took a short nap, then pulled out a bulging box of art supplies to try my

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Are You a Writer Who Waits?

Playing Waiting Games I’ve been a little obsessed with the idea of waiting, the joys and pains of it. Expectation and anticipation are a form of waiting that offer an element of surprise, a hint of ooh, this is exciting. Other forms of waiting just suck. Waiting for events over which

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