Want your point to have power? Here are 7 things NOT to say.

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Lucky you! You get to speak at an industry event, corporate conference, or team meeting.  No doubt, your presentation will include a set of slides. Slides are a de facto requirement for most business presentations. You gotta have ‘em, right? Incidentally, Jill and I have decided we don’t gotta have ‘em. In Story Mode, we avoid [...]

Psst! These pointers will perk up your presentations!

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‘Tis the season for high-stakes presentations. Nearing year-end, many of us are preparing to report on results, launch new programs, and invite colleagues and clients to embrace the new. ‘Tis also the season for distracted audiences. (In truth, this season is eternal.) That means your presentation needs more than clear, organized points. You need to grab [...]

Unspoken Loudspeakers are drowning out your message

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“What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Shhhh! I’m trying to hear you. I really am. I know you’ve put serious thought into those words you’re trying to share right now. Whether your message is written or spoken, I know you want me to “get” what you’re [...]

Persuasion: the teeter-totter of business communication

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As a kid on the playground, one of my favorite attractions was the teeter-totter. Maybe you called it a seesaw. A teeter-totter is a dangerous apparatus, not to be shared with anyone but a friend you can trust to keep the thing in balance. I still recall the pain and humiliation of thudding to the ground [...]

Is it smart or shameful to manufacture Q&A?

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Dear Corporate Poet & Cutter of C.R.A.P.: After all these months of practice, we’re finally pretty comfortable with virtual meetings. Everyone has figured out how to join a call on almost any platform, most have full command of the mute button, and only a handful are still reluctant to turn on the camera. In small groups, [...]

No joke: serious questions for smart storytellers

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Ann, Barb, and Chuck walk into a meeting room. Sounds like the start of a joke, right? Actually, it’s the start of a storytelling project. These three managers have been designated “storytellers” for an event their company is hosting next month. A crowd of their peers will come from around the world, pour into a massive [...]

Tigger and Eeyore walk into a room …

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Anyone who’s been in a Story Mode workshop will attest: Jill Pollack and I do not play it safe. We seldom use PowerPoint. We crack jokes and tell stories. We get everyone on their feet, talking to us and to each other—usually within the first five minutes. We invite people to play games, draw, and be downright [...]