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Shall we play 20 Questions with your story?

When I was a restless kid enduring long drives in the back seat of my dad’s VW Beetle, Mom would occupy my brain with games. We did a lot of “I’m going on a trip and taking something that starts with A,” then B, and all the way to Z.

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A new auld lang syne

As I write this, I’m on holiday break from “real” business communication. But I never take a break from sharing a monthly blog post. To have a little fun while honoring my self-imposed publishing schedule, I’m finishing 2023 with a semi-autobiographical poem inspired by a song I can’t get out

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old map

Write What You Want To Know

Questions come in all sizes. There’s the age-old: where did I put my keys? The hometown fav: are you really going to wear that? And the esoteric: who would I be if I could be anyone? I’ve been pondering questions and how, as a writer, I can use them to my advantage.  Are questions good

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old fashioned camera

Smile! You’re on Camera

Video. When I watch myself in a video it’s sort of an out-of-body experience; is that really me on the screen? Do I look like that? Why do I keep doing that weird thing with my eyebrows? We are forever critical of ourselves and our presentation to the public. So

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Does this count as a story?

We tried not to talk about work. It was Saturday, for crying out loud! But over coffee this weekend, my new friend Jane and I couldn’t help ourselves. We both love what we do. And we’re still getting to know each other. So eventually our stories turned occupational. I make my living

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person distracted

Why Can’t I Focu…SQUIRREL!

I am a writer who has earned her living writing and teaching storytelling for many many years, so you would think I would be a whiz at getting my work done. Work being, writing. Sigh. I so envy those creators who can sit at their desk, tune out the world,

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Is Storytelling now C.R.A.P.?

Is my life’s pursuit of great storytelling now defunct, cast into the bin of “that used to be a good idea?” I ask this because the word Storytelling is now everywhere, used for all kinds of reasons, and thus makes me ask: has the word lost its meaning like so many other

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Work like an artist on your business content

Earlier this month on a cold rainy Sunday, my husband and I were out “glamping.” Our RV is well-stocked with diversions to keep us occupied on just such a day. I read for awhile, took a short nap, then pulled out a bulging box of art supplies to try my

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6 online marketing lessons from smart businesses in my small town

About a year ago, I relocated to a small Midwestern farm town called Geneseo, Illinois. It’s a picturesque little community full of Victorian-era homes and tree-lined streets. Straight out of a Hallmark movie, you know? You really should come and visit us sometime. When my husband suggested we ditch the

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