Metrics worth measuring for our messages and ourselves

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Last week Jeff Herrington told me about a clever set of metrics he created to help businesspeople master the lessons he teaches in his writing workshops. His approach is so smart, I’ve been thinking about meaningful metrics ever since. After Jeff coaches a group to create strong, action-oriented content, the client sends him periodic samples of [...]

Is Storytelling now C.R.A.P.?

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Is my life’s pursuit of great storytelling now defunct, cast into the bin of “that used to be a good idea?” I ask this because the word Storytelling is now everywhere, used for all kinds of reasons, and thus makes me ask: has the word lost its meaning like so many other C.R.A.P. words out there? (Keep reading [...]

Are you having fun yet?

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Last week my husband took his camera on an image-seeking adventure across the plains. Since starting his full-time gig as a professional photographer earlier this year, he’s experienced a full range of highs and lows. On the best days, he’s exhilarated by the hunt for a new vista, proud of a sharp and well-composed image, and uplifted [...]

Eliminate acronyms from your vocabulary (except the ones I invented)

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So much workplace communication is just crap. Big words trying to sound smart and important. Vague words trying to obscure the specifics. Jargon trying to belong with the insiders’ club. And OMG the acronyms. Several years ago, I invented an acronym to illustrate just how senseless and confusing the vocabulary of business can be: C.R.A.P.  = [...]

Blocks and Blockages

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https://instorymode.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Blog-Banners-1.mp4   I don’t believe in “writers block,” although that doesn’t stop me from whining about not being able to write. Clearly, I’m not the only one. I recently read about this cafe in Tokyo that offers free coffee and human naggers to check on you every hour to see if you’ve reached your writing goals. Genius! Here [...]

Stop inventing C.R.A.P. business words

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While Jill and I were guestcasting* on the Grounded Content podcast, Jill said: 
“You can take one piece of content and repurpose it in a hundred million different ways, and each of those repurposements ...” Yes, my business partner is fond of both hyperbole (A hundred million ways? Really?) and making sh*t up. She knows how [...]

Looking for creative inspiration? Try some oatmeal.

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To know me is to understand that I procrastinate. Procrastination is part of my process. Especially my writing process. When I was in high school, this irritated my mother to no end. Seeing blank pages instead of a book report, she assumed I was wasting time. Doing nothing. Failing to take action. Not true, Mom. Not [...]

Swedish Death Cleaning will make you a better communicator

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Several years ago, people were raving about the KonMari method of decluttering and organizing. Attempting to jump on the bandwagon, I bought The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and started reading. A few pages in, I bailed. Marie Kondo wanted me to touch every possession and ask, “Does it spark joy?” If not, that item must [...]

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