Story Mode:

(a mindset)

1. a way of thinking about business communication

2. a refusal to be boring

Story Mode Circle

(a learning community)

where you learn to adopt the Story Mode mindset to create content and conversation so captivating, your audience cannot help but take action

Power your business and your career with storytelling and creativity

You have stories to tell and people to persuade.

If you are a person who communicates at work (and who doesn’t?!), then the Story Mode Circle is for youOur members are content creators of all stripes. Writers, speakers, external and internal communicators. Leaders, marketers, entrepreneurs. You belong here!

Story Mode Circle is a career-boosting learning community. 

Our courses, coaching, and conversations will show you how to produce even greater results for your brand, products, services, and customers. Make a name for yourself as a creative storyteller who can move business forward.

Are you ready to stretch into new creative territory? 

Then join us! You will learn to tell better stories and develop mighty innovation muscles to blaze new trails in your business. Story Mode’s  audience-focused, action-oriented methods will take you far. 

Professional development in 10 minutes a day

You have great ideas but sometimes you need a little help—and courage—to bring them to life.You don’t have to go it alone. In the Story Mode Circle you’ll find nonstop support, learning, accountability, and just plain fun.

Our community is an experimental laboratory where you can develop confidence and skills to tackle your work with newfound ingenuity and strategic perspective.

And yes, you do have time for this! 

  • Turn your to-do list into a training ground where you learn to produce excellent output
  • Join weekly Story Mode Coaching sessions to get suggestions and encouragement for the communication you need to do right now
  • Take quick lessons, work your way through full courses, and pop in for online conversation with other members

In just a few minutes a day, you will discover new ways to get sh*t done!

Membership = full access

Nonstop instruction and inspiration for the work you do

Take advantage of our experience and ideas, every week. This type of coaching normally costs upwards of $500 a pop. For Story Mode Circle members, it’s included.

Our ever-growing library of quick-hit video lessons will sharpen your skills and introduce you to new lines of creative thought. In mere minutes, you’ll be skilled up and ready to work.

Dig deep into what it takes to assemble messages—with words, images, videos, whatever—that don’t just capture attention, but captivate and persuade your audience to take action.​

Use our worksheets and resources to work faster and expand your thinking. You don’t have to create everything from scratch! Our full library of tools is included in your membership

Our community comes together online to ask and answer questions, pose challenges, and encourage and inspire one another. Join a conversation. You just might get some work done.

Our exercises may feel like pure fun, but they’re practical fuel for your creative fire. Think of our prompts as conditioning to keep your creative muscles warmed up and ready to go.

Is your success worth $2.16 per day?

You bet your patootie, it is! And that’s all it costs to belong to the Story Mode Circle.

A 3-month membership is just $195.

Many employers will pay this fee out of a professional development budget. Ask! Make sure they know that you’ll be getting 3 months of continuous learning for far less than the cost of a typical 3-day conference.

The buzz about Story Mode Circle

"You can be the odd one out in the Story Mode Circle. No one gets graded."
Creative Director
"... bite-sized ideas like appetizers, bursting with flavor that leaves me hungry for business growth."
Small Business Owner
"... engaging, interactive, comedic, and applicable to what I do every single day."