Story Mode:

(a mindset)

1. a way of thinking about business communication

2. a refusal to be boring

Story Mode Circle

(a learning community)

where you learn to adopt the Story Mode mindset to create content and conversation so captivating, your audience cannot help but take action

Bring your team into the Story Mode Circle
with a Creative Jolt

We all need an influx of creative energy from time to time.

In Story Mode’s 3-month Creative Jolt program, your team will join Story Mode Circle for an experience of real-time training and interactive online learning. The focus is business communication, creativity, and storytelling.

Each quarter you can tackle new projects and goals.

Hit those business goals by creating more freely and working better together (and having more fun). 

While we like to play and experiment, we take business innovation seriously. 

A Creative Jolt will guide your people to produce even greater results for your brand, products, services, and clients. Amp up everyone’s career success and stand out within your company and your industry.

Story Mode Circle is for anyone who communicates at work

And who doesn’t?! Our community is for hard-working humans who have stories to tell and people to persuade.
Writers, speakers, external and internal communicators. Leaders, marketers, entrepreneurs.
Regardless of job title, whether you’re a team of one or many, if you’re a trailblazer ready to stretch into new creative territory, you belong here.

Professional development in 10 minutes a day

Story Mode Circle is an experimental laboratory where you can develop the confidence and skills to tackle your to-do list with newfound ingenuity and strategic perspective.

Bring your team’s content to create, points to present, and stories to sell. We’ll show you new ways to get that sh*t done!

In the Story Mode Circle, business people of all stripes come together to learn to move business forward with audience-focused, action-oriented communication.

Your team will learn to tell better stories and develop mighty innovation muscles … together.

The buzz about Story Mode Circle

"You can be the odd one out in the Story Mode Circle. No one gets graded."
Creative Director
"... bite-sized ideas like appetizers, bursting with flavor that leaves me hungry for business growth."
Small Business Owner
"... engaging, interactive, comedic, and applicable to what I do every single day."

What you get from a Creative Jolt:

An experience tailored to your team

Story Mode prepares professional development programs the way we teach business people to communicate: with the audience in mind. So, you tell us what your team needs to achieve, and we will design a program that hits the mark. You can count on us to:

  • Construct a customized roadmap that will take your team to a more courageous and creative culture
  • Curate learning content to match your team’s goals, drawing from our library of practical tools and short- and long-form courses
  • Teach your team to measure and make progress, even beyond the 3-month Creative Jolt
  • Go beyond demographics to understand an audience’s human interests, emotions, and experiences
  • Harness the power of stories to get attention and stir people to think, feel, believe, and act
  • Craft a message the audience cares to receive, not just the one the writer wants to create
  • Exchange feedback the Story Mode way, focusing on storylines rather than redlines
  • Interact in a secure, custom team space to exchange questions, frustrations, successes, and ideas with colleagues the Story Mode team
  • Participate in public areas of the platform and engage in conversation, Q&A, benchmarking, and problem-solving with Story Mode and members from other companies
  • Build momentum and accountability with a Progress Partner for motivation and peer mentoring
  • Turn your to-do list into a training ground where you learn to produce excellent output
  • Participate in real-time, interactive Story Mode workshops that will challenge and instruct your team to think and act differently
  • Join weekly Story Mode Coaching sessions to get suggestions and encouragement for works in progress

And if you’re the team leader:

  • Receive moderator privileges to manage discussions and track team members’ progress
  • Get advice and partnership from the Story Mode team to support your growth and success as a leader

Your Creative Jolt is just a conversation away