What's your change agenda?

In addition to our team programs and learning community, clients turn to Story Mode for advice and coaching on all things story, creativity, communication, and learning.
Can you imagine a skillset more crucial for navigating change?
Get an objective point of view.
We're outsiders who quickly gain the trust of insiders. Turn to us for new and better ways to tell a story, share a message, or connect with an audience.
Create and nurture relationships.
Stories create common ground—a good place to be when you're merging teams or companies, leveling up a sales force, or striving for a more collaborative workplace.
Move past "how we always do it."
Not that your current methods and messages are bad ... but could they be better? In a spirit of "what if," we move people to bust out of ruts so they can think and work in new ways.
Tell a new story. Or reimagine one.
Whether you need to articulate a vision for something new or refine an existing narrative, Story Mode will guide you through a process of crafting a story and developing a creative practice.
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Break through

Imagining the future isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need help to think differently, so you can cast a vision that's both aspirational and grounded in reality.
  • Craft a new narrative
  • Reimagine your mission
  • Develop a new learning program
  • Define a “verbal identity"
  • Reach any other targeted goal that calls for creativity

Change culture

Your culture is shaped by stories and the people who tell them. Consider Story Mode your partner at any stage of culture development.
  • Are you crafting a vision, mission, and values
  • Merging organizations?
  • Revitalizing a tired team?
  • Encouraging brand-lovers to share their passion publicly?

Soak up wisdom

Experiencing a knowledge gap? The Story Mode team brings deep experience and know-how in virtually every form of business communication. Invite us in for:
  • Extra brainpower
  • Third-party perspective
  • Mentoring
  • Creative, strategic support

Working with Story Mode is like having a creative angel (or devil, if that's the need) on your shoulder—nudging you in positive directions and giving you courage and reason to make smart changes.

Add Story Mode to your change agenda