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Precision Communication
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What will your team accomplish during this program?

Together, you will:

  • Develop a targeted list of customers who represent opportunities for connection.
  • Generate a long, useful list of differentiators (your Dealer Difference) that will make their way into everyone’s persuasive stories.
  • Reimagine your competition. Who is it? What is it? And how can you win?
  • Receive a fast framework for building a story ahead of time or on the fly.
  • Use actual customer interactions as opportunities to self-evaluate and exchange feedback with colleagues—constantly improving the dealership’s persuasive skills.
  • Finish the program with a small army of persuasive storytellers whose confidence and skill will be contagious.

Message Making + Productivity Boosting + Relationship Building + Culture Change

This practical program will teach your team to be confident and ready to make valuable connections through conversation, every day.

  • Live virtual sessions deliver instruction and inspiration from Story Mode’s expert communication coaches 
  • Easy-to-use online learning modules guide individuals to improve their communication and persuasive skills
  • Team Talks and “crowdsourcing” assignments bring your people together to focus on your Dealer Difference—those unique advantages only your dealership can offer

This combination of learning experiences will deliver results, preparing your team to talk confidently with customers and colleagues. And it's brought to you by Story Mode, a trusted John Deere training and consulting partner.

Who is Story Mode?

We design and deliver inspiring programs that send positive waves through your culture, bringing people together and expanding their skills. You can also bring us in as hourly or project-based consultants to tackle change and communication challenges big and small.

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