Creative collaboration must become second nature.

By creating a culture that understands the power of storytelling, and by raising the skills of every person in your organization, you’re preparing to make strong connections with any audience.

EVERYONE communicates at work

So why not equip everyone to chime in as part of your story team?

Whether the stakes are high or the situations are routine, every workplace depends on people who can reach others with ideas and information. Writing, selling, building relationships, and simply engaging in conversation … it’s all communication.

In Story Mode, we guide everyone—from newbies to experienced communicators to senior execs—to tap into their natural creative and storytelling talents. As each person turns on these powerful skills, others take notice. Before you know it, your whole culture will be coursing with creative spirit.

Organizations that get and stay in Story Mode:

  • Approach communication as both strategic and creative action
  • Experience the rush and rewards of creative breakthroughs
  • Question “the way we’ve always done it” and banish the same-old-same-old
  • Face the future with Story Mode as a thought partner, trusted advisor, and creative sounding board

How we work

We’ve yet to find a workplace where Story Mode doesn’t fit. And though we’re chameleons of corporate culture, the true colors of our program never change:

  • We see creative story powers in everyone. We work with strengths and opportunities, not “weaknesses.” No excuses: yes, you can.
  • We’re practical. People bring real work to our workshops and labs. In Story Mode, you don’t step away from work; you get work done. 
  • We #RefuseToBeBoring. Period.

What we do

We adapt the Story Mode program to match your appetite. You choose the focus (such as storytelling or presentation skills or leadership development), participants, duration, and delivery method, and we will flex.

But wait, there’s more!

Explore the possibilities of Story Whisperer coaching for individuals, as well as our fun, productive programs for teams.

Let's get started.

Curious about how we do it?

Here are just a few ways Story Mode can send positive ripples through your culture.

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