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Fire up your team's communication superpowers!

Ready to go beyond the usual? We'll guide your team to embrace the new.
Story Mode workshops are learning, team building, and productivity rolled into one business-growing, life-changing experience.

When your team gets together in Story Mode, the whole group will discover the excitement of merging imaginations while each person gains tools, processes, and confidence to build any story.

We guide people to write, think, present, persuade, and engage in innovative conversations. While emphasizing emotion, craft, and action, we keep our eyes squarely on the audience.

Best of all, stepping into Story Mode doesn’t mean stepping away from work. Our original exercises are so practical and immediately relevant, we invite people to bring their to-do lists to our workshops. Why waste time on the theoretical when we can make real headway on work-in-progress?

Opt into one of our core programs:

Your people are your most important communication channel. Precision Communication will give them the power to make every conversation a connection that counts.

Excellent content can come from anyone, not just “creatives.” In Story Mode Boot Camp, everyone can learn to create persuasive value stories that speak to a target audience, internal or external.

Good leaders are good communicators. Leading in Story Mode will prepare your current and future leaders to speak, listen, write, present, and converse in ways that inspire confidence and action.​

Presentations are not about the slides you show, but the stories you share. Win the Room teaches a strategic approach that moves people to say “Yes!” or “Aha!” or “Agreed!”​

Or let us custom-design an experience just for you.

Story Mode will work with you to develop and deliver an inspiring learning program that sends positive waves through your organization, bringing people together and expanding their skills.

Whether we’re focused on speaking, writing, listening, or some other crucial discipline, your team will:

  • Learn what makes a good story
  • Understand how and why stories work in the brain
  • Get clear on what matters most to the audience
  • Channel energy and ideas into building relationships
  • See how image and emotion add up even faster than numbers and charts
  • Gain the confidence and skill to craft stories that get results
We'll teach your crowd to shape and share stories that move people to action.

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