It's time for a buddy system!

Engaging a Story Whisperer is like having a creative angel (or devil, if that’s the need) on your shoulder, nudging you in creative directions.

Shall we call them Future leaders, rising stars, or hot shots?

Every organization has people with high potential—and often a list of skills those individuals need to develop on their way to the top.

Maybe you’re that individual: the one who’s ready to take charge of your career and move up or out.

Whatever you’re facing, working with a Story Whisperer will give you the advantage of personalized coaching to rise to specific communication challenges:

  • Learn to draft and deliver messages that are on point
  • Get expert guidance to make progress on a project or performance issue
  • Benefit from a mentor’s perspective to address communication matters in real time
  • Gain the confidence needed to lead a meeting, a project, or an organization

How we work

We meet virtually to work on projects or skills you choose. 

You decide howand on whom or whatto spend the time. 

A Story Whisperer starter package is four hours. That’s enough time to improve a skill, tackle a project, or break through a creative block. 

What we do

What others call “communication coaching,” we call Story Whispering.

Working 1:1, we offer an objective point of view on new and better ways to tell a story, share a message, or connect with an audience.

But wait, there’s more!

You might also appreciate our fun, productive programs for teamsor culture change for everyone.

Curious about how we do it?

Here are just a few ways Story Mode energizes people like you.

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Let's get started.