Story Mode’s online school

For individuals who want (or need) to focus on the particulars of business writing, the Story Mode Online Studio is a friendly platform where you’ll come to see workplace communications in a whole new light.

Story Mode’s online teaching, techniques, and tools are right for people at all career stages.

The Story Mode online studio lives in the learning-friendly Teachable platform, where you’ll find our growing selection of self-directed courses. We’re developing a full curriculum covering topics such as writing with style, presenting with confidence, knowing your audience, planning a message or campaign, finding the right words, polishing your story, and re-igniting your creativity.

Visit the Story Mode Online Studio

Here’s what you’ll find in our online studio today:

Come as you are, alone or together

Whether you enroll in the Story Mode online studio individually or with a work team, you’ll find many opportunities not just to learn and practice skills, but to become a more confident and creative business communicator—helping you gain attention, recognition, and even promotions.

How cool is that?!

Flying solo?

Story Mode online courses are a good option for those who want to hunker down and work alone. Progress at your own pace. If you’re hungry for feedback, you can use each course’s comments feature to converse with the Story Mode team and other students.

Prefer to collaborate?

Story Mode online courses are even more fun with a crowd. Round up some colleagues and get everyone to enroll at once. You’ll learn together while exchanging feedback on one another’s work. What an excellent way to experience the power of the PEN (your Peer Editor Network, that is)!

Come! See for yourself!