Let go of corporate jargon and say what you really mean

Clear. Simple. No nonsense. That’s how we communicate in Story Mode. Why? Because we write to make things happen: to motivate action, inspire thought, and influence change.

To get that kind of response from an audience, you’ve got to speak their language.

Since corporate-ese is no one’s mother tongue, you may need to do some translating.

In this engaging, sometimes laugh-out-loud session, you will learn how to obliterate Corporate Rhetoric And Pomposity (C.R.A.P.). and discover what it takes to be a plainspoken voice of reason for your business. You will:

  • Commiserate over hilariously complicated messages—some made up, some sadly true
  • Study and imitate some of the best models for clarity and brevity
  • Identify words that probably don’t belong in your audience-focused vocabulary
  • Translate complex messages into simple ones (and vice versa, just for fun)
  • Gain the confidence to speak in sentences that even your 80-year-old auntie will understand

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