Writing by committee doesn't have to suck

This is the room where it happens.

Story Mode’s Writers Rooms are work sessions where each participant brings a project-in-progress for group rethinking, redesigning, and “holy-cow-that-gives-me-an-even-better-idea”-ing. They’re focused, productive, helpful workshops where people get sh*t done.

Just like story-building, the art of giving and getting feedback takes practice. In the Writers Room, people get to sharpen their editing and feedback skills.

This is NOTHING like routing a document with “track changes” enabled.

A Writers Room is a constructive, face-to-face conversation where people co-create great stories, discover one another’s superpowers, and build trust as a team.

You rally your crew (the ideal group is 4 to 8 people collaborating for 2 to 3 hours) and pick the projects or problems to solve—usually pressing priorities from the immediate to-do list.

The best part: everyone walks out with a better story to keep their projects moving forward.


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