For Teams

Story Mode Boot Camp

Content can come from anyone, not just "creatives."

Excellent content is what it takes to attract and acquire customers, employees, and brand loyalists.

And you need everyone’s involvement to feed your marketing and communication machines. Product specialists. Technical experts. Engineers. A whole host of contributors who may not be (or feel) up to the task of creating the powerful content your organization needs.

So, send them to Story Mode Boot Camp, where marketers and non-marketers, writers and non-writers, creatives and not-so-creatives all learn to create persuasive value stories.

In our Boot Camp, your team will gain the skills, discipline, and courage to:

  • Sell outcomes, not just features and benefits
  • Win the battle for attention and sales
  • Get the right message to market faster

Get sh*t done while having fun.

This training won’t take your people away from work; instead, they’ll get things done, working alongside teammates on active projects during and between workshops.

Everyone who participates will also gain access to a library of online training modules to make them stronger content creators; individuals can choose the writing, editing, and creative skills they want to improve, and go at their own pace.

The learning begins day one. And just keeps building.

Content Boot Camp will teach your team members:

  • how and why content gets created and where each contributor fits in the process
  • practical techniques to identify and meet the needs of multiple audiences
  • time-saving ways to get the best ideas onto the page or into the template
  • how to cut the C.R.A.P. (Corporate Rhetoric And Pomposity) and keep it simple
  • revision methods to avoid reputation-killing mistakes
  • how to give and receive truly useful feedback
  • when and how to involve and collaborate with stakeholders
  • the steps and strategies that belong in your content creation process

Imagine an army of confident communicators ...