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Editing Pointers

Every writer wears two hats: writing and editing.

The moment you put on that editing hat, it’s time to think about order, clarity, and brevity. Will your reader understand exactly what you’re saying? Will your words compel your audience to take the action you have in mind?

Editing also involves grammar and punctuation. Love them or hate them, these are the very details that can make or break your message—and your reputation. So don’t skip the small stuff!

When in doubt, find an online resource to help you choose and order your words. Here are a few websites that answer grammar or punctuation questions: 

Grammar Girl


Associated Press Style Book

For Your Creative Toolkit

We’re happy to be your resource, too. In addition to raising questions here in the Story Mode Circle, you can have this handy list of Story Mode’s Top 10 Editing Pointers. Save it, print it, and spam it to annoying collaborators who seriously need to learn some editing basics.

Where do you turn for editing help?

Got a favorite resource the rest of us should know about? Share your editing hacks with your colleagues. Share them with us, too!