For Teams

Leading in Story Mode

Good storytelling is good business.

And good leaders are good communicators.

So let’s be sure your current and future leaders are prepared to speak, listen, write, present, and converse in ways that inspire confidence and action.

Many leadership development programs cover topics such as strategic thinking, business acumen, risk management, negotiation, and team building—but miss the mark on communication skills.

Leading in Story Mode fills the gap.

We can conduct this program as a standalone series, or weave it into an existing curriculum.

From first-time managers to senior executives, leaders who learn to communicate in Story Mode grow their confidence and the ability to:

  • Grow business
  • Lead people
  • Navigate change
  • Step up

Like an energy drink that puts you back in gear

Story Mode wakes people up to new ideas and techniques. We:

Go big (and small)

Whether we’re with you for one morning or many months, Story Mode programs flex and adapt to match your desired outcomes, delivery methods, and duration.


We pack every workshop and coaching session with hands-on experience. The energy stays high, with everyone involved from the word “go.”

Tap into people power

While working with your entire team, we’ll also focus on each individual—recognizing their strengths and coaching them to reach their full potential.

Is communication missing from your leadership development program?