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Love the Limitations

Constraints suck.

Or do they?!

Instead of loathing those limitations, learn to love them! Think of them as creative challenges that unlock the imagination. If you enjoy games like Wordle, then you get know that constraints can actually be fun. And as a business storyteller, you don’t just have to live in the bounds others set for you; you can draw your own box to play in.

Limitations can help you create better content … faster!
Here are a few of the limitations we love to set in Story Mode:

Just 3 minutes 

Set a timer for 3 minutes and then start writing or doodling. Don’t watch the clock; just keep your pen or fingers moving. Your brain will be so busy worrying about the timer, you won’t hear that “editor voice” in your head griping, “Oh, this isn’t very good.”

Instead, you’ll feel a freedom like sledding downhill on a garbage can lid.
Of course, you don’t have to stop when the timer goes off. If you’re on a roll, keep going.

Pick a number

Shooting for a specific word count is a great goal for a writing session.
If you’re trying to get ideas out where you can see them, aim high. A goal of 500 words is a good challenge; 1,000 words may be even better.
If your mission is to cut the fluff and be concise, aim low. Can you cut your message by half? Better yet, can you get your point across in a one-liner? 

Dear diary

What if you had to convey your message as a recipe or a top 10 list or a “dear diary” entry?
Stories come in all forms. When you’re feeling stuck or bored or struggling to share old information in a new way, rethink it as a different story form. Try writing a rhyme or designing a billboard someone could digest while speeding down the highway.

What limitations do you love?

Tell us what works for you. Any and all ideas are welcome.