Skill Booster

The Magic Football

So much to share. So many details. Where to start?

Start by knowing your audience. Understand where your needs overlap and connect with theirs. That’s where your content needs to go.

Learn how the Magic Football can help you captivate your audience.

The first question you need to answer …

… is “Who are you trying to reach and why?” This is what matters most when you are creating content, telling an inspiring story, or trying to make a sale. The more you know about your audience, the better. Especially how they may respond to the information you need to share.
What do they need? What will get their attention? What do you need them to do?

Data doesn't tell the whole story.

You may have reams of information about your target audience. But data won’t tell you everything you need to know for this challenge. You need to understand your audience as a person—a human being you want to take a specific action.
Thankfully, you are a human being yourself. You can mine your own intuition for insights that will inform your content.

Try this:

The Magic Football exercise should take you only about 6 to 10 minutes. This rapid approach to audience analysis can save untold amounts of time as you create and improve your content. 

1. Gather materials

Two colors of sticky notes—or at least two colors of marker—are perfect for this exercise. You can also get by with a sheet of paper, a few notecards, or even a paper napkin

2. Use a timer and brainstorm

Choose one color of sticky notes and focus your attention on what matters to YOU
Set a timer for 3 or 5 minutes and brainstorm every possible answer to these questions (and add your own): What matters to you? What information do you absolutely have to share? What outcomes do you want? What actions do you need taken? What do you need to accomplish so your project or initiative can progress? What obstacles might get in your way?

3. Reset the timer and brainstorm again

Use your other color of sticky notes and consider what matters to your AUDIENCE.
Set a timer for 3 or 5 minutes and brainstorm every possible answer to these questions (and add your own): What matters to them? What keeps them up at night? What gets them excited or optimistic? What irritates or annoys them? What information do they absolutely need and why? What goals are they trying to reach? What challenges do they face? What obstacles might get in their way? Where, when, and how will they encounter this content?

4. Review and re-organize

Review all your notes. Move and organize them to find overlap. Even if the words don’t match exactly, the ideas may connect and intersect. Whenever you identify a match between what you want and what your audience wants, you are finding a way into your story. Those are themes and details worth sharing.

This is your Magic Football, the place where a fruitful business conversation can begin (or end).

Want bonus points?

Take a picture of your sticky notes to share on social media or send to the Story Mode team via email. We’ll be stoked to see what’s in your Magic Football.