For Teams

Precision Communication

Your people are your most important communication channel.

They have the power to make every conversation a connection that counts.

So let’s give every member of your team the courage and skill to engage in compelling and persuasive ways, whether they’re talking to a mass market or an audience of one.

As your people embrace the Story Mode mindset and learn to use our practical tools and techniques, you will experience a shift in culture and a boost in business results.

Precision Communication will give your organization the power to:

  • Bring in business
  • Expand accounts
  • Cross-sell services
  • Fortify relationships
  • Strengthen teams

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Change process, change results

We’ll teach your team a story-focused process for conversations that are:

  • Customized to the individual human in front of you
  • Designed for two-way communication—give and take, back and forth
  • Built by asking the right questions and sharing the right details

Learning this story-based approach will unite your team and help them seize opportunities to expand relationships.

Unite your team with storytelling

  • Bust through silos
  • View conversations as a team sport
  • Cross-pollinate knowledge by sharing stories and experiences

Build an army of communicators

  • Use a fast framework for building stories in advance or on the fly
  • Establish a cache of powerful stories and a potent list of talking points

Seize opportunities to expand relationships

  • Listen for cues to engage another team member’s service or perspective
  • Speak up about your organization’s unique and substantial value

Does your business need Precision Communication?