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Talk-Overs (Not Just Hand-Offs)

Content creation isn't a relay race.

If you’re part of a content creation team, your process isn’t meant to be a relay race. You’re not just handing off the baton and slowing to a stop while the next person rushes on, content in hand.

Instead, you are part of a team where every member is accountable for creating and sharing truly excellent content. So, instead of mere “hand-offs,” embrace “talk-overs” as part of your process. Hold creative, constructive conversations where you and your partners-in-content develop just the right approach to reach your target audience.

In the crush of deadlines and long to-do lists, you may be tempted to create content and then simply “hand it off” to the next person so they can do what they do. But is that wise? What if they have questions or ideas of their own?

A short conversation can save you much time and frustration.

For Your Creative Toolkit

Conducting a talk-over is simple, as you’ll see in the Story Mode Talk-Over Tip Sheet. Follow the steps “as is,” or use the guide as inspiration to get your own conversation started.

Tell us what's happened.

Have you ever been the victim of a hand-off that really should have been a talk-over? We’d love to hear about it.