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Verbs Move, Nouns Just Sit There

Every word counts. Choose the right ones.

If you want someone to take action, use action verbs. Instead of talking about “connection,” ask someone to “connect.”
Other action verbs: solve, purchase, sell, lead.

Nouns describe stuff.

Basically, a noun = a person, place, or thing. But things are stationary … until you give them a verb to do something. Verbs make nouns take action and get stuff done.

Noun or verb?

Are you burying great verbs in a sea of nouns? Sometimes those action words are hiding in plain sight. Take the word “solution.” Deep inside that do-nothing noun is an action word: “solve.”
“Leadership” is another great example. Ask yourself:

Do you want to be in leadership? or Do you want to lead?

Hear the difference? When you serve your audience an action verb, their brains will automatically engage. They will imagine taking that action. If you can capture your reader’s imagination? That’s a win!

When verbs make a big difference

Bullet points help organize and break information into easily digestible pieces. This is where verbs really shine.

Translate over-used nouns into powerhouse verbs.

What noun do you use over and over when the corresponding verb would create better energy and action? Get busy doing some noun-to-verb translation. Your content will change for the better, fast!