Skill Booster

Writing with White Space

The world is full of skimmers.

Skimmers are those people who feel like they don’t have time to read every word. So, if they can’t glean the message from a quick scan, they will not read it at all. And if they see a dense paragraph in that email, fuhgheddaboudit.

So, how do you capture their attention?

The answer is to write with white space.

Some of our favorite ways to create white space and make words easy to read include:


A bullet is a powerful way to show the important stuff. Remember, a bullet point is not a sentence or paragraph. It’s a phrase that gets right to the point.


In Story Mode, we always say that “headlines tell the story.” Break your message into sections and give each one a strong headline. Your reader should be able to glance at those headlines and get the gist of your message.

Eliminate the C.R.A.P.

Corporate Rhetoric And Pomposity (C.R.A.P.) will put anyone to sleep. Resist the temptation to use those empty, generic terms (alignment, integrated solutions, synergy, etc.). Just because you hear them around the office doesn’t mean they will connect with your audience or make your message clear. Instead, use simple, everyday language. 

Edit. Edit. Edit.

Do you really need all those words? Probably not. Edit your content down to the bare minimum. Check out this Skill Booster for more ideas on how.