For Teams

Win the Room

Turn your team into a presentation powerhouse.

Because really, who better to lead the conversation?

Story Mode will prepare your team to handle a full gamut of presentation opportunities, from mainstage events to hallway encounters. How? By sharing a process that covers every crucial step—knowing the audience, finding the right story, choosing visuals, and physically “owning” a space—whether you’re addressing an audience of one or many.

In a program that nurtures both professional and personal development, your team will learn how to:

  • Harness the power of stories to engage and persuade
  • Craft a story the audience needs to hear, not just the one the presenter wants to tell
  • Know and share a message by heart rather than by memorizing talking points or reading a script
  • Involve the audience as active participants in a conversation, not passive recipients of a slide deck
  • Stand, move, gesture, and use everything you’ve got to own the room (even in virtual meetings)
  • Believe in the need for practice—and experience the benefits of focused rehearsal
  • Explore the best ways to use PowerPoint and its capabilities

Don't just change the conversation, LEAD it.

This presentation-focused program is for any who:

  • Is often called upon to speak in meetings, conferences, or training sessions—and still gets anxious, nervous, or tongue-tied
  • Writes and prepares presentations for someone else to deliver
  • Uses presentations to build relationships and the foundation for future sales
  • Rarely presents, but wants to be ready to rock when the opportunity arises
  • Has ever delivered 50 slides in 20 minutes to a roomful of people who looked dazed and confused
  • Heard a boss say, “when you learn to connect with an audience, you’ll be headed for that next promotion”
  • Feels like no one’s listening

Why settle for being in the room, when you can Win the Room?