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Exchanging Feedback

Truly useful feedback does not come from "track changes."

Nope. Instead, the way to get valuable input is to engage in conversation. In Story Mode, we use “workshopping” to give and receive truly useful feedback.

How? Hold a conversation—out loud focused on two questions:

We don’t enforce many rules, but we do encourage you to hold to these 3 principles when exchanging feedback the Story Mode way.  

First, read your message ALOUD.

Have a conversation. With your voices. While “track changes” may be good for line edits, nitpicks, and word-smithing, a real-time conversation will help you discover what’s working and where you can improve your message as a whole.

Second, structure your conversation with these two questions:

  1. What sticks?
  2. What are the opportunities?

Finally, embrace the notion that feedback is a gift.

When you’re the one receiving others’ input, keep an open mind and listen carefully. When you’re giving input, think of yourself not as a reviewer, editor, or critic, but as a helpful collaborator. 


Try this:

Invite 3 or 3 colleagues to a 20- or 30-minute meeting to “workshop” a message you have in progress. Open the discussion by sharing the video above, so everyone is clear on how the process works.

Then, read your work aloud and invite your collaborators to answer the two questions.

Before you end the meeting:
  • Summarize what you’ve heard
  • Explain how you plan to use what you’ve learned
  • Thank your colleagues for the help

Perhaps one of them will feel motivated to schedule the next collaborative conversation for a story of their own.

Tell us how this works for you.

We want to learn about your experience using this feedback method. We especially love hearing how people fit these conversations into busy schedules—and the “aha” moments that happen when a few people work together to make a good story even better.