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Writers Rooms

The best writers appreciate a good editor.

And good editors know that by helping improve other people’s content, they become stronger writers themselves.

Keep an open mind

You know what’s hard? Receiving a critique on content that you thought was finished. You were so proud of that work …
But feedback is a gift. And in the Writers Room, everyone’s mission is to give and receive feedback that will make good content even better. So, keep an open mind. Resist the urge to get defensive if someone suggests a new direction for your content. Welcome their input. See where it takes you.

Content creation is a team sport

Think of the Writers Room as a team sport. Everyone works together, lending ideas and asking questions to improve the content. And in this sport, no one sits on the bench. You have to be fully engaged at all times, whether you’re gathering input on your own content, or offering feedback to one of your Writers Room partners.

Make it a regular habit

Organizing a Writers Room doesn’t take much time or energy. The hardest part is getting a date on the calendar. So, schedule Writers Rooms on a regular basis and make them an integral part of your content creation process. Send out those calendar invites well in advance, and follow the simple steps in our Guide to Writers Rooms.

Ask these two questions

The Story Mode method of giving and getting useful feedback is simple. Just ask these two questions:
Question 1: What sticks?Tell the content’s creator what stood out to you. What details do you remember? What images did the word evoke? What phrase or insight makes a strong impression? The content creator’s job is to digest all this feedback and decide how to use it.
Question 2: What are the opportunities? This is where collaboration goes into high gear as Writers Room contributors all share ideas on what could improve the content. You might suggest a new direction or ask for a clarification. You may simply ask a few questions about audience or goals.

Don’t skip the writing warm-up

The Writers Room should feel like time away—a creative departure—from the day-to-day pressures of your job. Use a 3-minute writing warm-up to fire up everyone’s energy and shift into a creative mindset, ready to consider new ideas. If time allows, invite participants to share what they wrote. If not, just push those scribbles aside and get down to business.

Need writing warm-up ideas?

We can give you a whole bunch of prompts.

Get started!

Download our Guide to Writers Rooms and follow the step-by-step instructions. As you hold these sessions, tell us what happens. What kind of content did you tackle? How did the stories improve? How is your team putting this practice to use? We can’t wait to hear!